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  • Visiting Students Title

    Are you a student at another college? If you regularly attend a college other than Edison State, we welcome you—as a visiting/transient student—to apply for admission and enroll at Edison State for additional credits. Your home college should be consulted on course selections to ensure that courses satisfy your program requirements.

    NOTE  Financial aid is not available for non-degree or non-certificate students.

    Number 1    Submit an application 

    Check the "visitor/transient" option on the Application.

    Number 2  You will receive a welcome email when your application has been processed. Your Edison State ID number will be in this email. 
    Number 3  Locate the classes that you would like to take using MyESCC.
    Number 4  Complete the Registration Add/Drop form found here.

    Instructions on how to submit are located on the right side of the form.

    Include your unofficial transcript with this registration form to verify that prerequisites have been met.

    Number 5  You will receive an Edison State username and password approximately 48 hours after you complete registration.

    This username and password will allow you to log into MyESCC, Blackboard and Edison State email.

    Your default password will be the last four digits of you student ID number followed by the last four digits of your last name, including the first capital letter.

    For help with your username and/or password, click here to access Resources and Online Tools.  

    Number 6  If you have any additional questions—at any time—email or call 937.778.8600.