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  • Wright State University
    PASS Partnership Program

    Pass Program

    The Wright State PASS Partnership Program formalizes the link between the Wright State University Dayton and Lake Campuses and the Edison State Community College Piqua and Greenville Campuses to provide seamless student movement between the two institutions. The objective is to facilitate student entry or reentry into a bachelor's degree program at Wright State University.

    Goals of the PASS Partnership Program

    • To eliminate barriers for students in attaining their educational goals
    • To promote student success and baccalaureate degree attainment
    • To expand Edison State Community College options for student housing
    • To improving academic program articulation
    • To utilize resources at both institutions efficiently and effectively

    Entering the PASS Partnership Program

    PASS Partnership Program Student Guide

    To enter the PASS Partnership Program, students must declare their intent to enroll at Wright State University following the completion of a specified program of study at Edison State, which may consist of an entire associate degree or a set of course equivalencies, depending upon the students prior academic record and intended major.

    To get started, sign up for the Wright Path Portal. In order to remain eligible and continue in the program, students must retain good academic standing at Edison State. (See the Edison State Standard of Academic Progress Policy (SAP) for details.) 

    Upon completion of the PASS Partnership Program, students will be guaranteed admission to Wright State University. While in the program, PASS students will meet with academic advisors at Edison State and at Wright State University to ensure that they are taking classes that will transfer to Wright State University and be applied appropriately toward degree requirements.

  • The PASS Partnership Program pathway provides students a unique environment in which they receive support from both institutions to ensure a seamless transition from Edison State to Wright State University. In addition to joint advising, students in the PASS Partnership Program will be provided the opportunity to use identified Wright State University facilities and become part of the Wright State University community.

    Wright State Benefits  Edison Benefits 
    Waiver of undergraduate application fee  Library privileges and technology support 
    Eligibility for Next Step partnership scholarhship  Admission to Edison State events 
    Admission to non-ticketed athletic & cultural events  Athletics and intramurals
    Academic advising  Career exploration 
    Participation or attendance in select student life activities*  Disability services 
    Option of living on campus at Wright State**  Academic support, such as tutoring 
    Student parking with purchase of permit***  Counseling services 
      Academic advising 
      Student employment 

       *Students in the PASS Partnership Program will be assessed fees equivalent to those of Wright State students for extramural activities.
      **Students must apply and be accepted for housing at
    ***For residential students only. Additional fees required.

    The PASS Partnership Program is designed for all types of students:

    1. Students entering Edison State Community College with the intention of obtaining a bachelor's degree at Wright State University upon completion of their program of study at Edison. The program of study may range from the completion of general education requirements to the completion of an associate degree, depending upon the student's interests and area of study. For admission to Wright State University through the PASS Partnership Program, students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at Edison, including all required developmental course work and all high school deficiencies. At least 24 hours must be in college-level courses with a cumulative Edison GPA of 2.25 or higher.
    2. Students who are no longer eligible to continue at Wright State University for academic reasons may become PASS participants at Edison State Community College in order to strengthen their academic record and return to Wright State University. These students may enroll at Edison State Community College to refocus their college efforts and develop stronger academic skills. Students must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours and earn a 2.25 cumulative GPA including all of the developmental courses required at the community college in order to return to Wright State University. Qualified students may also apply to restart their Wright State University GPA through the Second Start Policy.
    3. Students who apply to Wright State University but do not initially meet the University's entrance requirements may create a pathway to Wright State by following an articulated program of study at Edison State Community College. Wright State University will encourage students to enroll at Edison State Community College with the intention to transfer to Wright State. Students must earn a minimum of 18 credit hours and a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA, including all of the developmental courses required at the community college, to be admitted to Wright State.

    All students should meet with advisors from both Edison State and Wright State University to develop a program of study that will enable the student to be admitted/readmitted to Wright State University. Wright State University and Edison State Community College advisors will encourage students who transfer without the associate degree to "reverse transfer" once they have completed the proper courses in order to earn the associate's degree after matriculation to Wright State University. Both institutions will work toward creating a set of criteria to identify students who might qualify for reverse transfer, and then will work actively to create a streamlined process for notifying students, reviewing records, exchanging transcripts, and awarding associate degrees to qualified students.

    PASS Partnership students have the option to apply for housing* at Wright State University for either the Lake Campus or the Dayton Campus. Students must complete a Wright State University PASS housing application at (Dayton) or (Lake). Students must provide all information required by Wright State, including proof of insurance and a background check for Lake Campus. Residential students must also complete the Medical History Form for Residential Students and provide evidence of satisfactory immunization records in English. Students living in Dayton Campus residence halls are required to enroll in a meal plan. Wright State's Bursar's office will bill Edison's business office for housing and meal plan fees for PASS Partnership participants.

    * Dependent upon availability. 

    Edison State Community College will assess tuition and fees for courses taken at Edison. Fees for Wright State University services will be assessed by Wright State and collected by Edison. Wright State University and Edison State Community College will grant housing privileges after students have been accepted into the PASS Partnership Program, have submitted the housing application, have completed their FAFSA, and have accepted their financial aid awards. Students will be approved for housing only after all related financial obligations have been met.

    Students will register for courses through the regular registration processes at Edison State Community College. Edison will maintain student records for PASS Partnership students until they matriculate to Wright State University. The institutions will work together to develop a secure, efficient process of information/data interchange.

    Financial aid will be available at the institution where the student is enrolled in classes. Wright State University will assist Edison State Community College in determining the appropriate housing and fee allowance to be factored into its estimated cost of attendance. Applications for scholarships will be available at the institution where the student is enrolled in classes.