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Edison State Honors Graduates

May 10, 2019

44th Commencement Ceremony
 The 44th Commencement Ceremony of Edison State Community College.

Nearly 500 students were honored during Edison State Community College’s 44th annual commencement ceremony held on Friday, May 10, 2019.

Edison State President Dr. Doreen Larson gave a speech praising the hard work of the graduates and explained the value of their accomplishments.  

“Your lives and those of your family are forever changed for the better,” said Larson. “Good jobs, special scholarships, further education, and other opportunities available only to college completers will now be open to you and, unlike so many other things, a diploma or certificate does not fade in value, does not have an expiration date, and does not become replaced by the latest model.”  

President Larson
 Edison State President Dr. Doreen Larson.

During the ceremony, Dr. Cassie Barlow, Interim President at Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education, delivered a keynote address praising the hard work each graduate put forth to receive their diploma.  

“The fact that you are here today is proof that you have worked diligently and made the most of the opportunities afforded you by your parents, your families, your school, and your community,” said Barlow.  

“Education is the theory and the foundation upon which all journeys begin. The practical begins tomorrow. Some of you will go on to complete bachelor’s degrees, others will complete master's degrees, and others will search out special certifications. But all of you have one thing in common–you want to do better in the future, you want to make tomorrow better than today, and you all have a collective goal–to contribute to your state and nation, to make society a better place through your contributions.”  

Barlow, who spent 26 years of her career in the United State Air Force most recently serving as the 88th Air Base Wing and Installation Commander at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, then went on to thank the graduates.  

“I want to thank you for your focus on education and on making the world a better place.  America must succeed in its latest endeavors. The stakes are very high. If we don’t win, we lose it for our children, and it’s far too important to do that.”  

Dr. Cassie Barlow
 Keynote Speaker Dr. Cassie Barlow.

“So, when you leave here today continue to reach for the stars. Take what your educators, your school, and your family have given you and use it to make your life better, and to make life better for the people around you. America will then be a much better place.”   

This year’s graduating class earned over 550 degrees and certificates in such career areas as the arts, business, communications, engineering and manufacturing, health sciences, humanities, information technology, mathematics, sciences, and social and public services.  

The Edison State Community College Class of 2019 features:

  • 479 graduates earned 564 degrees or certificates;
  • Ages range from 16.7 to 60. Median age is 28.
  • 35 will graduate with honors (GPA 3.5-3.74), 46 with high honors (GPA 3.75-3.99), and 22 with highest honors (GPA 4.0).
  • 58% are female, 42% male. 
  • 35% live in Miami County, 21% in Shelby County and 21% in Darke County.
  • 20 Ohio counties are represented.
  • 35 graduates are high school seniors. 1 graduate is a high school junior.
    1 graduate is a high school sophomore.
  • 43% of graduates completed at least one developmental course.
  • 39% transferred credit hours to Edison State.
  • 191 students with transfer credit totaled 7,539 hours transferred, averaging 39.5 hours per student.
  • 48% of graduates are first generation.

*Figures represent graduates in academic year 2018-19 as of April 26, 2019. Office of Institutional Research at Edison State Community College