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  • CCP Title College Credit Plus at Edison State

    College Credit Plus (CCP) offers a unique opportunity for students to enhance and further their educational and career objectives while still in high school. CCP students can earn college and high school credit concurrently, accelerating their college careers at no cost. Credits are easily transferable to public and private universities nationwide. As college students, CCP participants learn a great deal about what's expected at the college level, easing their future transition to college life.

    For additional information about College Credit Plus at Edison State—review our CCP brochure by clicking the cover image to view a digital publication or click here for a downloadable PDF.

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    CCP Program Information
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    CCP Program Information

    CCP Admission Information
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    CCP Admission Information


  • Students in grades 7–12 who attend school in the state of Ohio may be eligible to participate in the College Credit Plus (CCP) program to earn free or low-cost college credits. Students wishing to participate in the CCP program through Edison State Community College must complete the admission steps listed below. In addition, nonpublic AND homeschool students must complete the steps outlined for nonpublic school students and home-school students by the Ohio Department of Education.

    CCP Admission Procedures

    SUBMIT Letter of Intent  Students must submit a Letter of Intent to their high school by April 1. This letter informs the school district of the student's intent to participate in the CCP program the following school year. Many area high schools have a custom Letter of Intent tailored to the needs of the school district. See high school guidance counselor for additional information regarding the Letter of Intent.

    Nonpublic and home-school students must sign up for an OH | ID account and apply for state funding by April 1.

    Number 1 

    APPLY  Prospective CCP students must submit an online application to gain admission to Edison State. Click below to apply.

    APPLY Now

    Number 2 

    QUALIFY to participate  Submit qualifying high school transcript or schedule an ACCUPLACER Assessment to gain admission to the program.

    ACCUPLACER Registration

    Number 3 

    SUBMIT "mature content" questionnaire  In order to register for classes, students must complete a mature content questionnaire prior to the first term of enrollment. The questionnaire confirms that the student possesses the necessary social and emotional maturity to participate in the program, as well as the responsibility and independence necessary to meet college course demands. Click below to complete.


    Number 4 

    REGISTER for classes  Students must consult with their high school guidance counselor and/or an Edison State staff member to sign up for courses offered on campus, online or at select high schools. A registration form must be submitted for each semester of participation.

    Number 5 

    ATTEND orientation  New students are required to complete new student orientation to learn about important Edison State policies and procedures. The online orientation module in Blackboard will become available to students after their first course registration is completed. Click below to learn more.

    ORIENTATION Information

    Students who have previously been accepted into the College Credit Plus program and have established course eligibility at Edison State Community College may continue in the program by enrolling for courses at an Edison State campus, online or at their high school (if available). Students do not need to reapply to Edison State on a yearly basis. However, each year students must follow state guidelines regarding the submission of a Letter of Intent. Nonpublic school students and home-school students must follow guidelines established by the Ohio Department of Education.*

    Returning students should follow Edison State CCP course registration procedures to enroll in courses for each semester of participation. As students progress through the CCP program, it may be necessary to submit updated academic records or to repeat the assessment process, in order to improve course eligibility.

    *NOTE  The "Letter of Good Standing" for returning nonpublic and homeschool students will be mailed out annually by Edison State, by approximately the first week of March. This letter is needed by returning nonpublic and homeschool students to complete the state's funding application process.

    In order to receive funding for CCP participation, nonpublic school and home-school students must submit an application for CCP funding to the Ohio Department of Education. A parent/guardian must create an OH | ID account to complete the funding application. All application materials must be submitted through the OH | ID account prior to April 1.

    NOTE  Returning students will receive a "Letter of Good Standing" from Edison State by the first week in March. This letter must be uploaded into returning students' OH | ID account as a part of the funding application process. 

    The application for funding must be completed for each year of CCP participation. Once funds are awarded by the state, an award letter will be received in the OH | ID account. A copy of the award letter must be submitted to Edison State for each year of CCP participation. Submit award letters via email by clicking here.

    Edison State Community College is proud to partner with area high schools to offer high quality educational opportunities to students participating in the College Credit Plus program. Administrators interested in learning about partnership opportunities to establish course offerings at their high schools should contact Edison State's Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Paul Heintz, for more information.

    The staff at Edison State is available to assist high school guidance counselors and students with questions and concerns regarding Edison State CCP policies and procedures. Correspondence can be sent via email by clicking here.


  • Eligibility to participate in the College Credit Plus (CCP) program is determined by state guidelines. To establish program eligibility, students must meet college-ready benchmark scores in at least one subject area or have a cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of at least 3.0.

        College-Ready Benchmark Scores     
    263 Writing 18 English  480 Writing and Reading
    250 Reading 22 Reading  
    263 Math  22 Math  530 Math 

    After completing the online application, student should submit their high school transcript directly to their Edison State Enrollment Manager or via email. Students without a  qualifying GPA or ACT/SAT score should schedule an ACCUPLACER Assessment appointment at Edison State.

    Prospective CCP students who do not have a qualifying high school GPA or assessment score must complete the ACCUPLACER Assessment at Edison State.

    The ACCUPLACER Assessment is an untimed, computerized assessment that measures students' current skill level in reading, writing and math. Edison State CCP students can complete the ACCUPLACER Assessment at any Edison State location, by appointment. Students should have their application for admission submitted two (2) weeks prior to testing. Each student is permitted an initial ACCUPLACER Assessment at no cost. If needed, students may repeat the assessment after 21 days. ACCUPLACER Assessment attempts are limited to twice per year.

    Students must bring the following to their ACCUPLACER appointment:

    1. Most recent academic records (obtained from school guidance office).
      • High School Students—High school transcript (including cumulative GPA)
      • Junior High Students—Junior High report card 
    2. ONE form of appropriate identification

    Schedule your ACCUPLACER Assessment by clicking below.

    ACCUPLACER Registration

    An ACCUPLACER Score Report is emailed to students upon completion of the assessment. The report is emailed to the address provided at the time of the assessment. Students needing access to prior test results may access their score reports via the ACCUPLACER Student Portal.

    Edison State course eligibility is determined through an evaluation of assessment scores, prior course completion and Multiple Measures factors. All students accepted into the CCP program at Edison State qualify for courses without prerequisites. However, some courses have specific requirements that must be met prior to enrollment. These prerequisites vary by course and may consist of assessment score requirements and/or the completion of prior high school or college course work.

    General Guide to Edison State Course Prerequisites  Below is a list of common prerequisites that students may encounter during their participation in CCP and the assessment criteria that qualify for enrollment into these courses. Prerequisite requirements for Edison State courses can be viewed via the Course Description page. Students are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment with an Edison State Enrollment Manager to discuss course options and prerequisite requirements.

    Satisfactory Reading Assessment Score (English Ready)   Required for English Composition I and many popular general education courses, such an Intro to Psychology, Intro to Sociology, American National Government, History courses, etc.     

    Establish eligibility by meeting one of the following criteria

    • ACT Reading Score of 22 or higher
    • ACCUPLACER Reading score of 250 or higher
    • Multiple Measures—3.0 high school GPA plus completion of 2 years of high school English with grades of A or B
    Satisfactory Math Assessment Score (Stats Ready)   Required for some math and science courses, such as Quantitative Reasoning, General Statistics, Intro to Biology, etc.     

    Establish eligibility by meeting one of the following criteria*

    • ACT Math Score of 20 or higher (must also meet program eligibility criteria)
    • ACCUPLACER Math score of 263 or higher on QAS portion
    • ACCUPLACER Math Score of 237 or higher on AAF (must also meet program eligibility criteria)

    *Completion of prior course work may also be required or recommended.

    Satisfactory Math Assessment Score (Math Ready)   Required for some math courses, such as College Algebra, Trigonometry and Precalculus, etc.

    Establish eligibility by meeting one of the following criteria*

    • ACT Math Score of 22 or higher
    • ACCUPLACER Math score of 263 or higher on AAF portion
    • Multiple Measures—3.0 high school GPA plus completion of high school Algebra I and Algebra II with grades of A or B

    *Completion of prior course work may also be required or recommended.


  • Edison State College Credit Plus procedures utilize documents and forms that are specific to CCP. Please use the links below to access important information and forms needed for CCP participation. Additional student forms and documents can be found on the Registration and Records page.

    2022–2023 CCP Registration Form
    Change of High School Form
    Transcript Request Form
    2022–2023 CCP Big Dates
    CCP Textbook Ordering Guide

    Please refer to the following information regarding the acquisition of textbooks.

    CCP students taking courses at a high school

    • Textbooks are FREE and provided by the high school

    CCP students taking courses at an Edison State location or online


    • Public school students—Textbooks are FREE
    • Private or homeschooled students—Students can pick up books from the Edison State Bookstore—payment free. Students will be billed at a later date, by the Edison State Business Office, for any books purchased that exceed the student's allotted credit hours.*

    Books are free only for the amount of credits hours that students are awarded from the State.  EXAMPLE If a student is awarded 3 credit hours by the State and is registered for a 3 credit hour course, the book will be FREE. If the student is awarded 3 credit hours by the State and is registered for 6 credit hours, the student will be charged for the book that is in excess of the allotted hours. In this instance, the student will receive one book FREE and will be charged for the second book. 


    • Pick up books from the Edison State Bookstore at the Piqua location—approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.
    • Student ID and course schedule are required for pick up. Parents or guardians may pick up books but must have the student's photo ID and schedule. (Student ID's are distributed by the Student Affairs Office.)
    • ALL books and/or material(s) acquired at the Edison State Bookstore MUST BE RETURNED at the end of the semester, by the Monday following finals week. Unreturned book(s) and/or material(s) will result in a hold fee on the student's account and will make them ineligible to register for future classes.


    • Students may make notes in books; including in workbooks, lab manuals, etc., but ALL materials must be returned.


    Students can contact the Edison State Bookstore directly by emailby calling 937.778.7970 or by visiting 
    See the Edison State Bookstore's website for hours during the book purchasing period.

    Course registration occurs prior to fall, spring and summer semesters. A registration form must be completed and submitted for each semester of participation. It is the student's responsibility to meet with his/her guidance counselor, complete the registration form and submit the form to Edison State for each participating semester. Registration forms may be submitted through the high school guidance counselor, to the Student Affairs office at any Edison State location or by email.

    Searching for Courses  Students can use MyESCC to explore Edison State course offerings. Filter the search by term, course, location or time to narrow you results.

    Advising Appointments  Advising services are available to assist students with academic planning and course registration. Email or contact any campus location to schedule an advising appointment.

    Waitlists  If a course is full, students may choose to be added to a waitlist. Waitlisted students are not guaranteed a seat in the course. If a seat becomes available, students are notified via their Edison State email account and must respond within 24 hours to claim the open seat or the spot will be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

    Schedule Changes  Registration forms are required for all CCP schedule changes, including course additions, drops and withdraws. CCP students may drop a course prior to the drop deadline with no penalty. CCP students who withdraw from a course after the drop deadline—but before the withdraw deadline–will receive a "W" on their transcript and may be responsible for reimbursing their school district for the costs associated with the course. Important semester dates, including drop and withdraw deadlines, can be found on the College calendar or the CCP Big Dates document.

    Classes taken at your high school can count toward a degree at Edison State.  There are various high schools that have certified College Credit Plus courses taught through Edison State at their schools. Locate your high school in the list below to see what courses are offered on-site. If your school is not listed below, you can still take CCP courses with Edison State—either online or in person. (Downloadable PDFs)

    NOTE  We are currently updating this information. Please check back.


  • Students may be eligible to take up to 30 credits hours per academic year. The number of hours allowed is based upon a formula, which includes the number of secondary school units (non-CCP courses) that the student is taking at their high school.
    Example:  30 – (secondary school units x 3) = total number of college credits available for the student to take during academic year

    Students may not exceed 120 credit hours throughout their participation in the program. Students will incur out-of-pocket expenses for courses taken that exceed state-provided funding.

    Students enrolling in courses at Edison State through the College Credit Plus program are enrolling in actual college courses. The subject matter of a course enrolled in under the College Credit Plus program may include mature subject matter or materials, including those of a graphic, explicit, violent or sexual nature, that will not be modified based upon college credit plus enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs. Students have access to review course descriptions and syllabi prior to the start of the term through the Course Descriptions page of the Edison State website. Course descriptions, prerequisite information, section availability and additional details can also be found in the advance course search feature of MyESCC. Required course materials can be reviewed through the Edison State bookstore.

    As required in Ohio Revised Code 3365.035, students and parents must submit a Mature Subject Matter Permission Slip with the application materials to the college. Edison State has embedded this permission slip within the online application and submission of a physical permission slip is not required. After being accepted into the program, students must submit a Mature Subject Matter questionnaire before enrolling in their first semester of CCP courses.

    Non-Allowable Courses  These following courses are not permitted under College Credit Plus: courses with one-on-one private instruction, courses with high fees ($750 or more), study abroad courses, physical education courses, courses graded on a "pass/fail" or "satisfactory/unsatisfactory" grading scale, remedial courses and sectarian religious courses.

    Restricted Courses  Students must complete 15 credit hours of Level 1 coursework before progressing to Level 2 courses. The following list of Edison State courses are categorized as Level 2 per the guidelines provided by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. All other Edison State courses are considered Level 1 courses.

    ACC 217S
    ART 131S
    ART 161S
    CHM 111S
    CRJ 112S
    EMT 110S
    ENG 229S
    MGT 110S
    MTH 126S
    PSY 228S
    SOC 115S
    SSV 112S

    Edison State Community College is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission and offers highly transferable courses to both public and private institutions nationwide. Many Edison State courses are part of either the Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) or the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM). The TAG is a set of statewide articulation agreements which guarantees the transfer of the course and credit to any Ohio public college or university. Likewise, when students complete an Edison State transfer module, the courses are guaranteed to transfer to any Ohio public college or university. It’s important to keep in mind that university programs will vary between institutions and some programs may require additional freshman or sophomore courses as prerequisites for junior or senior-level courses. Therefore, students are encouraged to seek out academic advising in order to refine their academic goals and determine an appropriate educational pathway.

    Transfer Module

    After high school, CCP students can continue their education at Edison State by completing the steps below.

    Number 1 

    SUBMIT a Major Declaration Form.

    Number 2 

    COMPLETE the FAFSA and explore scholarship opportunities.

    Number 3 

    CONNECT with a Career Pathways Advisor to create a student plan and schedule classes.

    Student Handbook

    Edison State Community College is committed to providing learning opportunities and support services that enable students to meet their educational goals and realize their dreams. Students accepted into the college agree to uphold the Code of Conduct, Academic Policies and General College Policies as outlined in the Student Handbook. Click the cover image to view the digital publication or click here for a downloadable PDF version.