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    Good for employers.
    Good for students.

    Work-Based Learning

    Work-Based Learning is a unique form of education that integrates classroom study with planned and supervised work experience. It allows students to acquire essential and practical skills by being exposed to real-life situations. Edison State provides employers with qualified students who are seeking to find career connections to expand their professional networks. The students that you hire for co-op/intern positions will be your employees—under your guidance.

  • Work-Based Learning programs benefit students by allowing them to acquire real-world experience in their field of study. These programs enable students to develop positive work habits and attitudes; establish career connections and expand professional networks; and become better informed and able to make smart decisions about their career choices. Students that are hired for co-op/intern positions will be company employees and under company guidance.

    College courses are necessary to complete a degree—and the experience gained from a real-world work program serves to enhance a student's education.

    Work-Based Learning programs are beneficial to employers in many ways! Some of these benefits are listed below.

    Recruiting  Find future employees by utilizing this year-around recruiting tool.

    Productivity  Tailor 16-week job assignments that align with Edison State semesters in order to meet your short-term workforce needs.

    Develop  Provide professional development and training opportunities for emerging leaders.

    Challenge  Test and challenge potential employees in your actual workplace environment.

    Efficiency  Help reduce the daily workload of your professional staff.

    Revitalize  Students can offer new perspectives and fresh ideas to your organizations.

    Shape  Provide input to Edison State so that we can provide the best preparation possible for potential future employees.

    Save  Reduce recruitment costs and training time without the expense of advertising and/or an employment agency.

    Contribute  Help individuals succeed and promote growth in the local workforce and community.

    Many of the Edison State career pathways prepare students to participate in work-based learning opportunities. Below is a current list.

    Administration Assistant
    Business Management
    General Business Management
    Human Resource Management
    Medical Office Support
    Paralegal Studies

    Advanced Manufacturing Systems
    Automation and Robotics
    Electro-Mechanical Engineering
    Industrial Equipment Supervision
    Operations Technology
    Mechanical Design


    Health Sciences
    Medical Laboratory Technician
    Medical Assistant (Certificate)

    Information Technology
    Business Systems
    Interactive Technology Programming & Design
    Network Computer Management
    Systems Administrator

    Social and Public Sciences
    Social Services

    Various Disciplines/Occupations

    If you are an employer interested in participating in a work-based learning program, please complete the following steps.

    1 Complete a brief job description including specific responsibilities, number of hours required per week (interns must work a minimum of 14 hours per week) and hourly pay rate. 
    2 Upload your job information to the Edison State Job Board. To register, email Morgan Abney at Once registered and approved, you will receive a link to post jobs and conduct resume searches. 
    3 Students will contact you directly or Edison State will send you student resumes based upon the qualifications that you have specified. Student resumes may also be viewed via the Edison State Job Board. Contact the student(s) directly to set up an interview. 
    4 Edison State staff and faculty is available to assist you with any questions that you may have throughout the process.
    5 At a specified time during the semester, you may be asked to complete an evaluation of the intern's performance and allow an on-site visit by a faculty coordinator. 

    We love success stories!  We will be posting shortly.